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Looking for a scrap yard in London? We offer the best price for your old or scrap car. Get cash for cars in any condition and any make or model. We are willing to purchase any car, regardless of its condition, and will provide you with a complimentary valuation along with the best possible price. We only require below information.

Get an Instant Quote for Your Scrap Car

    Get an Instant Quote for Your Scrap Car

    Discover the quickest way to scrap your car in London and secure the best prices with SC Car Scrap. Our seamless process ensures you receive an instant scrap quote, making the experience effortless and efficient.

    Why Choose SC Car Scrap?

    When it comes to scrapping your car in London, we stand out for a reason. With us, you’re not just getting the best prices, but also a same-day collection service that prioritizes your convenience.

    Instant Scrap Quote

    Gone are the days of waiting for a quote. At SC Car Scrap, we provide an instant quote for your car in London. Simply enter your car’s registration and discover the value of your scrap car right away.

    Quick Collection

    Say goodbye to prolonged waiting times. Our same-day collection service ensures that your car is picked up swiftly, making the process of scrapping your car in London a breeze.

    Comprehensive Acceptance

    No matter the make, model, or condition of your car, SC Car Scrap accepts all types. Whether your car is in working condition or not, we’re here to assist you in the process.


    Transparency is our priority. With SC Car Scrap, you can expect prompt payment without any hidden charges, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

    Your Step-by-Step Scrap Car Journey

    1. Instant Valuation: Enter your car’s registration for an instant scrap quote.
    2. We come to collect: Choose our collection service for added convenience.
    3. Quick Payment: Experience swift payment upon collection.

    Commitment to the Environment

    Discover the assurance of responsible scrapping with SC Car Scrap. As a DVLA and Environment Agency registered scrapping service, we prioritize both compliance and environmental responsibility. Our commitment to following the strict guidelines set by these authorities ensures that your car’s end-of-life journey is conducted ethically and responsibly. Explore our services at and experience scrapping with peace of mind.

    Contact Us Today

    Ready to scrap your car in London? Reach out to SC Car Scrap for an instant quote and seamless process. Let us handle your car’s end-of-life journey responsibly and efficiently.


    How long does it take to remove my car?

    We aim to deliver you an instant service and close the deal the same day. The time required to remove the vehicle is between 5-10 minutes, this includes the time taken to load the car on the recovering vehicle. However, if you are at a remote location or the car condition demands more efforts, the time of removal will increases accordingly.

    Do I have to prepare my car for collection

    Fret Not, as this is not a big deal. However, to complete the formalities you need to provide us with some proof of ownership. This helps us to close the deal with due legal formalities.

    How quickly will I get paid?

    Once we have agreed a price for your car that you are happy with, we will arrange to come to you and collect it. This normally happens on the same day. On other occasions it may only be convenient for you if we come a few days later. Our professional drivers will collect your car and make the relevant paperwork and vehicle checks, this usually only takes a few minutes. Once this is complete we pay you. The whole process typically takes around 15 minutes from the driver’s arrival to you

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