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So, you’re in West Wickham (BR4) or Beckenham (BR3) and need to scrap your wheels? Well, mate, it’s a bit of a journey. Over at SC Car Scrap, we’re all about doing it green. Here’s how it rolls at our West Wickham and Beckenham spots.

    Getting rid of your old car’s easy – just ring up our West Wickham or Beckenham Scrap Yards or pop in your reg and postcode for an online scrap quote.

    What cars can I scrap in Beckenham and West Wickham?

    In West Wickham the idea of scrapping a car is made simple by services that understand the importance of making the process easy for residents. At SC Car Scrap in West Wickham and Beckenham we can give you a free quote for any scrap vehicle, with us you can scrap. 

    • Non – running cars
    • Running cars
    • Damaged car
    • MOT Failures
    • Faulty cars 
    • Imported cars
    • European Registered cars
    • Classic cars 
    • American cars 

    Why wait to get a scrap quote? Find out how much your scrap car or scrap van is worth today, call us or enter your registration and postcode. We also cover Elmers End, Upper Elmers end, Eden Park, Monks Orchard and Coney Hall areas. 

    Certificate of Destruction (COD)

    We’ll sort you out with a Certificate of Destruction (COD) once we’re done scrapping your car. That’s your proof it’s all wrapped up and you’re off the hook.

    Notification to the DVLA

    We notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) about the scrapping of the vehicle. This step ensures updating the official records, ensuring the vehicle is unregistered, relieving the owner of tax obligations.

    Depollution Process

    The depollution process involves removing hazardous materials and fluids from the vehicle such as engine oil, brake fluid, radiator coolant, transmission fluid, petrol or diesel. This step ensures we dispose of or recycle these materials appropriately.

    Breaking into used spare parts

    After depollution, we dismantle the vehicle and remove salvageable parts for reuse. These may include the engine, gearbox, starter motor, battery, alternator, coil pack, switches, car seats, tyres, and other refurbishable parts sold as spares.

    Metal Recycling and Export Metal

    We then send the remaining shell of the vehicle, often containing metals like steel, copper, and aluminium, for recycling.This step is crucial for reducing the environmental impact of end-of-life vehicles.

    Leading the Way: Scrapping Specialists in West Wickham & Beckenham

    Scrapping your car in Beckenham and West Wickham with SC Car Scrap supports eco-friendly practices, cuts down on environmental impact, and ensures responsible handling of end-of-life vehicles. We’ve got you covered in Elmers End, Upper Elmers End, Eden Park, Monks Orchard, and Coney Hall too.

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