From A to Z: Car Tax and MOT Explained

Car Tax and MOT in UK explained

Your Comprehensive Guide to Car Tax and MOT Check in the UK

In the United Kingdom, keeping your car’s tax and MOT (Ministry of Transport) status up-to-date is both essential and mandatory. Ensuring your vehicle meets safety and environmental standards is every car owner’s duty. This article offers comprehensive guidance on managing car tax and MOT checks in the UK.

Car Tax Check (Vehicle Tax)

Before diving into MOT checks, let’s grasp the importance of car tax, also called vehicle tax. In the UK, you need to tax your vehicle yearly. The fee varies based on factors like your vehicle type, emissions, and engine size.

To check the status of your vehicle tax, you can use the GOV.UK website. The process is straightforward – simply enter your vehicle’s registration number (number plate), and you’ll get information about your tax status. This ensures that you are compliant with the law and helps support the maintenance of the UK’s road infrastructure.

MOT Check (Ministry of Transport Test)

It is a mandatory assessment for vehicles in the UK. This examination is designed to evaluate a vehicle’s roadworthiness and its adherence to safety and environmental standards. It’s essential to get an MOT for your vehicle by its third anniversary of registration and then on an annual basis.

To check the MOT status of your vehicle, you can also use the GOV.UK website. Enter your vehicle’s registration number, and you’ll receive information about its MOT expiry date, advisory notices, and any reasons for failure. Keep in mind that it may take up to five days for the MOT expiry date to be updated after a test.

Common Reasons for Failing an MOT

There are several common reasons for failing an MOT test in the UK. Most of the reasons for failing it include low screen wash, a cluttered or dirty car, registration plate issues, obstructive stickers, and dashboard warning lights. To improve your chances, refer to a checklist covering crucial areas like headlights, brake lights, tires, and seatbelts. Remember, an it confirms compliance at the test time, not year-round roadworthiness.

If your vehicle does fail it, you’ll be issued a VT30 Certificate detailing the reasons for failure. The severity of these faults will determine whether you can still drive your vehicle. Keep in mind that driving without a valid MOT is illegal, resulting in penalties and invalidating your car insurance.

How to check it ?

The GOV.UK website offers a comprehensive range of services related to vehicles. You can also use this platform to explore your vehicle’s complete MOT history, set up reminders, and pay your vehicle tax. This central hub ensures that you have easy access to all the information you need to keep your vehicle road-legal and in top shape.

Changes in the MOT Test

In 2018, the UK government implemented stricter rules for diesel car emissions and introduced modifications to defect categories. These changes aim to enhance safety and reduce environmental impact, underscoring the government’s commitment to sustainable and responsible motoring.


In the UK, the combination of car tax and MOT checks ensures that vehicles on the road meet the necessary safety and environmental standards. Using the GOV.UK website, vehicle owners can easily access information about their car tax and MOT status, as well as related services such as MOT history and tax payments. By staying informed and compliant with these regulations, you contribute to safer, more environmentally friendly roads. Remember, it’s not just a legal obligation; it’s a responsibility we all share as drivers in the UK.

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